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Anna Schaeffer


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I’m Anna Schaeffer, and I believe stories can change the world. If you’re a teen, my books are for you! My stories follow quirky, yet relatable characters as they navigate the high school years and discover their place in the world.

If we haven’t become friends yet, please say hi before you leave! I love chatting with readers. I also love talking about writing, so if that’s your thing, let’s chat!


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A girl running from her past. A quirky Southern town. And a summer that could change everything.

Sadie Franklin is all about independence, but when one of her popular parties gets too crazy, her usually uninvolved dad sends her across the country to spend the summer with relatives.
Living in small-town Pecan Creek, Georgia, is culture shock for a girl from Seattle, and it doesn’t help that Sadies aunt and uncle are total church people. Sunday school? No, thanks.
Add a houseful of little cousins, an accidental friendship with the preachers daughter of all people, and the attention of a guy who might actually understand her murky past, and its enough to cue an identity crisis.
When life-altering news rocks Sadies world and reveals messy family secrets, she’s forced to face the God she’s avoided since her moms death eight years ago. Sadie is surrounded by people who say God loves her and has great plans for her life, but if God is really good, why does He let Sadies life unravel?
Could there really be a purpose in all of this?


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